About Us

Hello friends ! My name is Saubhik Ghosh. I am a dentist by profession. I am married to Priyasha who is a teacher by profession. We stay at Kolkata, eastern part of India. We have a cute little baby who just turned one. We call him Nirvaan. We have been avid enthusiasts of travelling even before we got married and then when Priyasha conceived, many people around advised us that it would be impossible for us to travel like we did before. We were unfazed. We travelled when Nirvaan was still in his mother’s womb. We travelled since he has been of  2 months.  We have already completed 10 trips with him. You will find our adventures with Nirvaan in this blog. We also have various tips for all of those who are new to parenting with the indomitable desire to travel and see the world. Hope you will find them useful and enjoy our adventures with us. Cheers!