Sundar Gram….our first overnight trip with Nirvaan

  • On November 3, 2017 our baby Nirvaan was just 2 months when we decided to go for a mini road trip. We chose a rural retreat called Sundar Gram to spend a night out. It is just 36 kilometers from our place. However,back then it wasn’t any less adventurous for the new parents considering the number of people who advised us against it citing various reasons. However, our paediatrician gave us a green signal and off we went. Mommy had packed almost everything belonging to the baby for one night having no experience at all. Mommy was also very anxious and had almost been prepared to deal with a cranky baby and have a nightmare of a time.

The trip, however was beautiful. We reached Sundargram in the afternoon,just before dusk. The resort was located in the middle of lush green rice fields and the verdant resplendence across the horizon was breathtaking. It had mud huts with all the modern facilities. Baby N did not develop much sight back then. Nonetheless he was mesmerized with the open azure sky and the green leaves moving gently in the breeze. The newness of the world with all its beauty perhaps touched him and may it remain so for years to come!

In the evening, we had a bonfire and as a part of our revelry, we played songs and sang along which again pleased the baby and he slept so peacefully. Also,it was the first time we realized that Nirvaan loves being around people. He loved the jolly company of his Uncles and Aunts. Mommy’s task was much reduced thanks to all the friends who took turns to look after the baby.

The owner and the staff of the resort were very helpful and friendly. They showered their ‘youngest guest’ with lots of love and care.

We came back with happy hearts and the memory and lesson from our first trip. This trip had prepared us for our journey ahead because once you are smitten by the travel bug, there is no respite!


P.s this is what we had noted down after coming back. These tips may help new parents in their travel-

* Pack only the essentials. Overpacking becomes problematic since the baby needs to be carried.

Take a few extra set of dresses,but do not take too many.

This rule follows for most other things.

Insect repellent is a must.

Ask for help. If you are travelling with a newborn, the hotel staff will readily help you in laundry or in cleaning and sterilizing utensils.

Travel in groups. Your responsibilities will be shared and you’d not be focused only on the baby.

Remember babies are just mini us. They love to go outside and enjoy in their own ways. Take good care of your babies but do not panic. It is natural that as new parents you are scared of everything that might go wrong, we too were. But our babies will be fine. Nirvaan did not fall sick and I can say that your precious too will be fine. Enjoy with them.

Here are a few pictures from Nirvaan’s first trip.

Sunset at SundarGram
Sunset behind the rice fields
Accomodation at modern huts in Sundar Gram
Our two storeyed hut
Hungry baby
the three musketeers

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